My Problem with Zero Dark Thirty isn’t the Torture.

Listen, we all know that torture happens. Or has happened. Or may happen again. And I think it would surprise a lot of people when I say that I have no problem at all with torture. Go ahead. Do what you must to keep us safe. Just don’t shove it in my face. Not interested in seeing it.

So when I started seeing hubbub in the news about Zero Dark Thirty and torture, I thought, “Well maybe this will get me to change my mind. When I watch all the terrible things that they did.”

And then I saw the movie…and was like “Ok so you waterboard him and shoved him in a box.” Hmm. I didn’t see any teeth being pulled out by pliers, so…I’m fine with it.

But my issue with Zero Dark Thirty is NOT the torture scenes. It’s the last scene of the movie. So I guess I have to put:

*Spoiler Alert*

The last scene is of our main chick sitting alone in the back of a plane heading….home? To America? Unknown. But she just successfully found UBL and he has been killed. Hurrah! No hurrah? Ok, she is crying now. Why is she crying? There is no crying in killing UBL!

The reason why I have a problem with this scene, is because is shows women as weak. While she may very well have been having a “holy shit this is all over and now I can breathe” moment. I would’ve prefered her not to cry. And instead do a good old Ray Bourque fist pump and yell “Fuck yeah I got that motherfucker.”

Because if you remember a tad earlier in the film, she had the balls to speak up in a high level meeting to say that she was the one “who found that motherfucking place.” Or whatever the hell she said. I mean, “motherfucking” in a meeting with the CIA boss? You don’t have to be Miss Manners to know that is a no-no.

But there she was….all tough as nails. And I dug it. Fuck yeah woman! You go find Osama! Go on with your bad self!

And she does. And then cries. Hate. That. Scene. Fucking bullshit. For once, show us women as the heartless cruel bitches we are.

I would love to know the real story from the real woman. Maybe that would make me feel better. But I’m sure we will never know the real woman behind this amazing story. I’m just so happy it was a woman though. And as it seemed, the only fucking person who gave a shit about finding that dirt bag.

Also, I disliked the movie’s depiction of the SEAL Team 6.  I really hope those men aren’t the dopes they depicted in the movie. Jesus H Christ. Tony Robbins? Nevermind.

Fuck yeah, motherfucker!


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