The Joy of Watching Painting

I can’t sleep. I’m all anxious. So I’m up early-morning and stumble upon a documentary about Bob Ross. Anyone my age and older who owned a TV and would watch any sort of PBS programming knows who Bob Ross is. He’s the happy trees guy.

Anyway, I’m stuck on PBS watching this documentary and now I’m obsessed with him again. A few years back I was on the hunt for a Bob Ross original. There has to be thousands out there, right? Yeah well, they must all be at the bottom of the Loch Ness because I can’t find any.

Now I’m pissed. I’m awake, watching PBS, and marveling at how easy Bob made it all look.  And he wanted us to try: Look at what you shlubs could do in 26 minutes!

I never tried, Bob. And for that I’m sorry. Part of me wishes I could still try. And hang up my fucked up piece of artwork in my living room and say: Look, happy trees and happy clouds. Kinda.

You know what I learned? That Bob didn’t have curly hair.  No, instead he purposely got that afro to save money. Once he became a household name (and face. and head) there was nothing he could do about it. He was stuck with it.

Poor Bob. Rest in Peace. And if anyone finds a picture of a cabin by a snowy mountain…let me know!



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