Only Me

“Happy Valentine’s Day”

That’s what the text said. A blast from my past. A welcomed one, to be terribly honest.

And I foolishly answered and found out he was leaving to go to Walt Disney World.

On Valentine’s Day.

I never asked with whom or why. I wished him a great trip.

We’ve been in touch since. It’s been nice.

But you know…Facebook.  Those profiles beckon.

And you look. Rather, I looked. No beating around the bush. I looked even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.

My only question is: Why?

Why text me and wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day? Right before you head off to MY happiest place on Earth with some other girl.

And not me.

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed.

Happy to see it was well documented. Looks like it was a magical time. Bunch of restaurants I’ve never been to.

So let’s see….My ex-husband took his pregnant mistress to Walt Disney World on what would have been our ONE year anniversary. And I know this because he had the travel agent send the travel itinerary to me.

And the boy I liked and then fucked it up a little…yeah I did. But I thought he was coming around and maybe forgetting that I’m a crazy wench. And thinking of me…on Valentine’s day.

And perhaps he was. Maybe he just couldn’t bring himself to rub it in my face. I guess, for that…I should be grateful.

Only me.

Eat your heart out, Taylor Swift. You ain’t got nothing on me in the boy department.




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