Have You Driven THAT Ford Lately?

So I’m stuck in traffic on my way home from work.

And my 2005 Ford Escape says to me, “Hey, What the heck is that in front of us? It says Escape but it doesn’t look anything like me.”

And that’s when I had to break it to my Disney Mobile…”That…is the new Ford Escape.”

“But how? Why? It’s so….weirdly shaped.”

I was just as confused as my car was. I mean…WHY did Ford to this? It went from a cool, small SUV to a…

Strange hybrid between the Honda CR-V, Hyundai Accord and Toyota Yaris.

It certainly did not help that the color was a bright, shiny teal.

The model after my Escape has the monochrome look where the bumpers were the same color as the vehicle. Whereas mine has the black bumpers. I like that contrast.

But I gotta say, while I LOVE my Escape, if it died I would never get the new Escape. I’d rather drive a Jeep Liberty or something.

So, Ford, I have no idea what you are thinking, but the Escape no longer looks like the younger brother of the Expedition and the Explorer.

Now it looks like the mid-puberty, odd-shaped sister of the Focus and Fiesta.

Built Ford Fluff,



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