Where Will You Be?

Today my city was attacked.

Patriot’s Day in Boston.  It’s Marathon Monday. Red Sox afternoon game. Lots of people who don’t have work or school. Sunny day. They gathered in Boston. So much to celebrate. Plenty of smiles. Children on the shoulders of their dads. Waves. Cheers. Hugs. Balloons. Flags Crossing the finish line – tears of joy.

A moment later…terror. World turned upside down. No more tears of joy; tears of sadness and horror.

So far, 3 people dead. One a child.  Over a 140 seriously injured.  Limbs gone. Sidewalk stained with blood.

I sat at my desk in work…and my heart was in my throat.  My city – Boston! I grew up there.  Only moved away a few years ago.  I touched my monitor screen, as if it were right in front of me. Reaching out – wanting to help, but nowhere near them. No. No…no…no. Please God…no! This cannot be happening. Not in my city.

Two explosions. The irony of people running in all directions along the route to the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon.

What are the odds that the families of the Newtown victims would be sitting at the Finish Line of the Boston Marathon when two bombs go off? Seriously…what are the odds of that?  Haven’t they been through enough, Fate?

Listen, it’s not about guns anymore. It’s not about bombs anymore. It’s about terror and murder.

Some don’t really understand why I don’t want to have kids. There are a plethora of reasons – genetics, annoyance, world overpopulation…but honestly…one of the reasons..what kind of world is this? Why would I subject someone to this?

Want to meet your congresswoman at the local supermarket in broad daylight? You could be murdered.

Excited about seeing a new movie at midnight at your local theater? You could be murdered.

Learning your ABC’s at school? You could be murdered.

Studying for your Chemistry 101 final? You could be murdered.

Flying in a plane to California? You could be  murdered.

Riding the train? You could be murdered.

Shopping for shoes at the mall? You could be murdered.

Enjoying a sunny spring day after watching the Red Sox win and now cheering your friend on while he runs the historic Boston Marathon? Yup, you could be murdered.

Doesn’t it seem like you have a really good chance of being killed just doing everyday normal things?!

Doesn’t that bother you?

Doesn’t that scare you?

That scares the shit out of you.  I suffered from severe anxiety after 9/11.  I was afraid of my train being gassed or bombed underground.

An 8-year old boy died on Boylston Street today.

My nephew is 8 years old. Should I never take him to the city? Should I never take him to the movies? Should I never let him go to school?

Of course not.

But please know…please understand…this is our life now.

There is no rhyme.  There is no reason. You don’t have to be in a gang. You don’t have to be in the mob. You don’t have to be a in a drug deal gone wrong.

You just have to be watching a marathon, meeting you congresswoman, eating popcorn at the movies, trying to color with crayons between the lines…and it can happen.

Don’t you feel like it will happen?

It’s only a matter of time before your Lucky Life Russian Roulette is going to land on the empty chamber.

Think about it.

I do.

Where will I be?

KFC?  A dog park?  Disneyland?  The beach?  Tying my shoe at the Museum of Fine Arts?  Toys R Us a week before Christmas?  Standing outside the window at the Today show?  Having lunch with my mom?  Holding the hand of my nephew as we watch the runners reach for the Finish Line of the 117th Boston Marathon?

Where will you be?

Boston you’re my home. I love you.




2 thoughts on “Where Will You Be?

  1. Complete devastation. In a span of 30 seconds I went from confused to realizing my sister and her kids were there and being in complete panic mode. 10 minutes seperated her from what could have been tragedy

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