My “Of Course But Maybe” Moment

A few weeks back I watched Louis C.K.’s comedy special on HBO.

He did a bit called “Of Course But Maybe.”  I will not even pretend to do that joke for you. You HAVE to watch it.

And then come back to my blog.

Ok. So I just had my own Of Course But Maybe. And it’s kinda fucked up. I won’t lie. But I wanted to share it with you. And maybe you can let me know if I make my case for why it’s ok because it would be pretty cool.

OF COURSE: Jodi Arias is a cruel weirdo of a woman. Who gruesomely passionately over-killed this guy she was obviously obsessed with. (And if you can honestly say to me that you have never been obsessed with someone, then I would have to question whether or not you’ve ever really been in love. Fine lines, my friends.)

BUT MAYBE: It would be pretty fucking BAD ASS of her to make a statement and go something like this: “*laugh* You know what? I am so not sorry for killing him.  I do not care what happens to me. I killed the asshole and I don’t give a shit. Oh my God.”

I mean, c’mon!! Who the fuck says shit like that? No one right? Right. BUT, crazy people?? Holy shit, sometimes crazy people sneak through.  So maybe. And then I thought…

Ok so if she said that, that would be super crazy but also super ballsy and badass and literally having an epic ‘I do not give a shit anymore, you mother fuckers’ moment. Which should in no way be publicized because she is sooooo evil.

How long would I have to wait before someone autotuned it?


Disclaimer: The first part of his bit is in regards to nut allergies…which is very serious.

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