This is Complete and/or Utter Bullshit

Tonight is the Boston Strong Concert.  Sold out in minutes. Going to be streaming live on the internet.

But for some reason…NOT GOING TO BE TELEVISED.

I’m sorry. But this is complete bullshit.  We have sat through concerts/benefits to raise money on TV for years!!

9/11, Haiti, Sandy, Oklahoma.

Can someone explain to me why this could not be a televised fundraiser for One Fund?

It’s a simple question.

I’m so bummed and insulted and angry.  Listen, I’ve already donated to One Fund many times over.  I already know how to donate. So technically I don’t need this show to do so.  But it would nice to see ALL the amazing talent that have come out of Boston ALL on one stage.

Oh well. Thanks for nothing liberal media.

(Hey, I needed to blame someone since I do not know whose fault this is)


PS. Where the fuck is New Edition??

“Mr Telephone Man, there’s something wrong with my line. When I dial my baby’s number, I get a click every time.”


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