Bully in a China Shop

These days there is so much talk about “bullies.” Or bullying.

What is this bullshit about?  Oh, I’m sorry youngsters…is someone being mean to you? Unnecessarily?

Fucking, welcome to life.

And let’s be honest…bullying isn’t a big deal.  We’ve all been bullied.  It’s sort of your own fault for wanting to take Instagrams with your iPhone of a selfie of you in biology class…right?

Whatever. All I’m saying is…society, overall, is just nicer now except for kids. So when your peer is “mean” to you…you jump to the conclusion that he or she is bullying you.  When maybe he’s just saying the truth…you do smell.  Don’t run to Facebook to post your last will and testament.  Get Zestfully clean and you’ll fair better tomorrow.

But from the beginning of time…to probably the end of time…there have been insults…constant insults.  Fat, four-eyes, fag, fake….  Someone somewhere is going to have an opinion of you which is gonna bum you out.  And you need to just… get through it. And I’ll never say that it’s going to get better. It sucks. All around. But eh… I have no idea why people are mean.  On purpose to other people.  I know it hurts, and I don’t want anyone else to feel like that.

Look, bullying isn’t a big deal because Hollywood doesn’t dedicate a lot of time to bullying.  We got what?  Mean Girls? Heathers? Ok…no. No one cares. You know what America cares about more than bullying? Hangovers! We got three Hangover movies.  Same plot, even.  Still, we lapped it up.

I had a bullying movie growing up…it was called “E.T.”  Yeah.  He was bullied and you know what happened? A friggin’ alien showed up at his house with a bag of Reese’s Pieces and was totally cool and would say shit like “Phone home.”

That’s life, dude. Those people who bully you…they know nothing about you. Ok, so you’re smart and you wear glasses…and they make fun of you for it…

First of all… lame. They are going for the obvious.  They are just lucky they don’t have an obvious as well, like a hairy mole. No one with a hairy mole has ever been popular.

Second of all…who they fuck are they? While they are making fun of you for acing math class this semester .. you get to go home to a super cool alien with a heartlight? He lets it shine wherever he goes?

C’mon.  I’m sure life is hard for kids…but its hard for everyone.  All I’m saying is…don’t go around giving kids any ideas.  Maybe they wouldn’t be so mean if society didn’t already expect them too.  How about they have the same manners that we adults try to have? HAHA.  *sigh*

America is all a bunch of assholes now.  That’s so sad. I’m so glad I didn’t have any kids. Whew!




2 thoughts on “Bully in a China Shop

  1. Wow look at you takng on bullying. I have to say I agree….mostly. People need to understand the true definition of bullying and dare I say it starts at home! Another obvious sign that Americans have decided to have no self accountability.


  2. It really stemmed from the way my niece and nephew perceive bullying. I wrote about it when we watched A Christmas Story together and they were mortified…found none of it funny. To them, it was like watching a snuff film starring Ralphie. And whenever I joke with Maddie (who is 11) she’ll be like “Stop bullying me.” WHAT?? I agree with you about Americans having no self accountability. I learned that the hard way with my divorce. LOL


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