Something’s Happening Here…

What it is… is called Climate Change.

Look, I’m not a scientist (hard to believe,  I know) but the weather has been so wonky over the past few years.

Today there are tornado warnings for Massachusetts.   Tornadoes?  I’m sorry, when did I move to Kansas?

New England is cool because the only natural disaster you gotta put up with are blizzards.  And those were few and far between.  There was the Blizzard of ’78 that everyone around here waxed poetic about.

Growing up, I remember the two hurricanes: Gloria in 1985 and Bob in 1991.  That’s it. Nothing exciting.

Then Hurricane Andrew happened in Florida in 1992 and everything changed I feel like.

All of a sudden, hurricanes became something to be feared.   But then of course Katrina happened many years later and all hell broke loose.   Sandy decided to get in on the fun and did her own damage.

Last year, we barely had a winter, and this past year we got hit with a shit ton of snow including another blizzard.  Now we are getting tornadoes.

Some states are on fire. There are places where records are being broken as the hottest day in history.  And let’s not forget about Snowpocalypse not that long ago.

Remember when hair spray switched from aerosol to pump spray?  Back then it was all….this is killing the environment! Wait 25 years and see what it’s all like.

Now, I’m not blaming Climate Change on Aqua-Net.  But I am saying… WAKE UP PEOPLE.  Think back to 25 years ago… Was there weather like this?

Nope. There wasn’t.  SOMETHING has changed.

I just think that we should leave the climate and the weather to the people who study it and know it well.  And not expect our elected officials to know anything about it. Christ, they don’t even know that a woman can get pregnant through a violent rape!!



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