Tell Me if I’m Wrong Please

I like a ton of Disney related pages on Facebook.  But God fucking forbid if you say anything that remotely ruffles someone’s feathers.  I got removed from a page (including what I wrote, which I will share in a minute) and I’m like WTF did I do??


So the page on Facebook is Everything Walt Disney World. Now, like I said, my comments are gone, but the page’s founder, Ms. Christina Feels Wood, wait sorry, Freels Wood.  Not Feels Wood.   That would be FUN.  Feeling wood.  And by “wood” I mean a boner.  Not a tree trunk.  Since she is such a priss, she may not understand that “wood” is jargon for a hard-on.  You know, a penis that’s erect?

Ok so she wrote:

Just saw Monster’s University with my three children. I’m not a huge fan of kids movies. I love the princess movies and Cars, but this one didn’t really interest me. I’m happy to say that it was super cute and funny. I loved the entire thing. If you’re on the fence, it’s definitely a cute movie to see over the upcoming holiday weekend.

Now, there is no proof of what I wrote because it was removed.  But I will tell you. And you can either believe me or not. But I think I had a good point.


JMo: You’re not a huge fan of kids movies but you have a Facebook page called Everything Walt Disney World?


Christina Freels Wood: Jennifer Morrissey, I think you can like Disney without being a huge fan of movies. Peter Pan is charming, but it’s not a movie I would seek out on my own.

JMo:  They don’t make movies like Peter Pan anymore!  I just don’t understand how you like Disney and the parks and not like the movies since a majority of the attractions are based on their own movies, especially movies made for children.
And that’s when I got kicked off.
That lady got her moist, woodless panties in a twist, that Feels No Wood, she did!
In all seriousness though…am I wrong?  “I think you can like Disney without being a huge fan of the movies?????”
Let’s make a list of some of the attractions based on movies,  shall we?
1. Alice in Wonderland,  based on Alice in Wonderland – Disneyland
2. Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, based on the movie Toy Story 2 – found in multiple Disney parks
3. Casey Jr.’s Circus Train, based on the movie Dumbo – Disneyland
4. Circle of Life: And Environmental Fable,  based on the movie The Lion King – Epcot
5. Dumbo the Flying Elephant, based on the movie Dumbo – multiple parks
6. Dinosaur, formerly Countdown to Extinction, based on the movie Dinosaur – Animal Kingdom
7. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, based on the movie Finding Nemo – Disneyland
8. It’s Tough to be a Bug, based on the movie A Bug’s Life – Animal Kingdom
9.  Mad Tea Party, based on the movie Alice in Wonderland – multiple parks
10. Magic Carpet Ride, based on the movie Aladdin – Magic Kingdom
I literally could go on and on…Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Peter Pan’s Flight, Pinocchio’s Daring Journey, Splash Mountain, Ariel’s Undersea Adventure, Toy Story Midway Mania.  Oh yeah and a whole LAND based on Cars, the only non-Princess movie that satisfied you.
Maybe I’m wrong…but what part(s) of Disney/Everything Walt Disney World are you a fan of if not the movies?  Is it ABC? ABC Family? ESPN? Walt’s frozen body?
So, thanks for deleting me. You clearly did a bad job if you deleted me but then kept in your cryptic message about ME.  I would like to mention that people LIKED my comment because it’s made a whole lot of sense!!
And CARS? YOU LIKED THE MOVIE  “CARS”?  Who liked that movie besides 5-year-old boys? Monsters University was 5,000,000 times better than CARS.
So, I visited her blog (you can go find it if you want, I don’t want to give the satisfaction of giving a link here) and most of the stories are about food. Ah, okay, so Everything you love about Walt Disney World is the food. Got it.  Hey guess what? Disney made a movie about that too; it was called Ratatouille!! You probably hated that too because there wasn’t a tow truck sitting on a toilet in that one.
How many other Facebook pages can I get kicked off of because I innocently ask a question and then follow up with a sound argument?

8 thoughts on “Tell Me if I’m Wrong Please

  1. Please excuse the wonky spacing. I cannot seem to fix it (and yes I’ve tried and I’m not a moron, thank you very much). Please know the spacing irks me more than it irks you. xojmo

  2. This happens on even the best Disney sites. I usually frequent since there’s a lot of people there who seem to have access to good, inside info (that in retrospect pans out), but you’ve got your Universal haters, new Pixar movie haters, John Lassiter haters, etc. They’ll attack anyone whose opinion differs from theirs, not have a discussion, similarly to She who freels wood. Of all the places that one would think you could go to escape the usual douchebaggery of the Internet, Disney sites would be that place. Nope.

  3. She specifically said she didn’t like kids movies. Now someone who started a Disney fb page AND a Disney blog…I would expect them to say “I don’t like kids movies from DreamWorks.” I’d be like…ok fair. I wouldn’t have a hissy fit because you didn’t like Despicable Me. But she has two outlets dedicated to “Everything Walt Disney World” and says “I don’t like kids movies.” WHA??

    And then uses Peter Pan, and huge snore fest, as her argument. Hello. Why not try this generation… like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Lion King, etc etc.

    If you don’t like THOSE kids movies, then you need to remove yourself from being a “Disney fan” because otherwise I’m not sure what her fandom is about. Well I do know…it’s food. Hence her blog. Which should have good in the title. Not “everything.”

    “Everything (except kids’ movies) about Disney World.”

  4. Yeah, if you don’t like the kids movies then there are plenty of Six Flags out there. Hate Looney Tunes and DC Comics characters? Maybe a theme park based on candy or Dolly Parton is more her speed.

    After that glowing review of the movie from someone who normally doesn’t like kids movies (I feel sorry for her three kids), how could anyone not rush out and see Monsters U. this upcoming holiday weekend. Forget the two weeks of being #1 at the box office, this review is what they should put in all of the TV commercials.

    Then again, I’m not one to talk. I saw Monsters U on opening night, already have tickets to see Despicable Me 2 on Wednesday and enjoy good kids movies (just like I enjoy good adults movies…shocker).

    There’s people who write about Disney because they love it. They’re actually raving about it and want to discuss it because it’s something that bring them a ton of joy. People who run blogs and websites that only focus on something like Disney don’t always seem like fans. They’ll tell you that pointing out the 10 places in the Magic Kingdom that are examples of “bad show” makes them a better Disney fan because they’re trying to improve things and that their constant criticism of everything on the blog/message board is going to make things better (their version of “better” mind you).

    I just count my blessings that I’m able to go. I may always walk right past Stitch’s Great Escape, cringe going on Winnie the Pooh knowing what was there previously, and miss the hell out of Dreamfinder and Figment, but who wants to hear me go on and on about that on a blog? Sure, I can post about it on a message board and get a bunch of “Me too” posts and “You’re an idiot” posts, but it’s nothing constructive. This person’s blog is all about promoting their Disney trip planning business which honestly is something that I could do if I had the time and of the little that I know about you, something that you could do as well. This person seems to love the Disney of their youth, princesses and Peter Pan, but I have to wonder if I’d find posts on her site complaining about Stitch or the addition of new characters to Tomorrowland. Without the movies, there are no parks, and no side business for this lady and that includes both the old movies and the new.

    Getting back to the main topic, deleting someone’s reply just because they disagree with you is ridiculous. Liking Disney and not liking children’s movies definitely seems like two things that would be mutually exclusive. You don’t use your full name if it contains “Freels Wood.” I think that about covers everything.

  5. First of all, I’m crying because I am laughing so hard. Michael…thank you. Just for all of that. It has brought a smile to my heart, and that is a very rare thing indeed. Disney ALWAYS brings a smile to my heart, hence why I love Disney. And enjoy their God-awful-kiddie-movies! Like Up and Wall-E, which both made me sob uncontrollably. That’s because they are art. Not just a “kid’s movie.”

    Know why else I love Disney? Mickey Mouse is always your friend. And by default, his girlfriend, his dog and two best friends are your friends too. They are always happy when you visit where they live. Christ, there are even balloons. So many many different types of balloons. Is that not heaven?

    A friend on Facebook said “Why did you even slam her? Like who cares what she thinks?”

    And this was my answer: “Being a die hard Disney fan is like being in a gang or a cult. And what she said was blasphemous.”

    But make it known, that I did not punish her on her own Facebook page. I simply said, how can you be a fan of Disney and not their “kid” movies?

    And instead of calmly taking the time to explain it to me so I can say “oh cool, I never looked at it like that before. my bad.”

    She just dumped me. Mean girl.

    See what I get for playing nice on the Disney boards? This B.S.

    Hey, we can set that to Tony Tone Toni’s song “it feels good.”

    “It Freels Wood. Yeah! It Freels Wood. Yeah. If the rhythm freels wood to you baby let me hear you say “uh uh baby.”

  6. It’s definitely a fair question. It’s almost as if someone were to say they love the Red Sox, but hate baseball. It doesn’t really make sense in the context of things. In fact, if someone didn’t like children’s movies, you would think they would make an exception for Disney movies, especially Pixar movies. They’ve perfected a formula which Dreamworks has gotten pretty good at as well, of making a movie starring characters that will appeal to kids, but with a story and jokes that definitely appeal to adults. This isn’t Shark Tale that we’re talking about here.

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