Hand Jive

On my way home from work I had the window open and the music blaring.  It was great. And then I thought:

I think I’m going to use hand signals instead of my blinkers.

So yup…it’s the Summer of Hand Signals, people!!  Left, right and stop! All with my body!

And why not? So many fucknuts don’t use their blinkers at all.  At least they are getting a direction from me, albeit with my arm.

Also (and this is a complete departure from what I was just talking about), if you tell me gossip and say “Don’t tell anyone, ok?” and I answer “sure ok, of course not” AND I don’t like you…

Yeah, that “sure ok” is null and void.  The minute you walk away I’m emailing and texting your shit across the interwebz. Sorry. If you are too dumb to NOT know I don’t like you…then your dumb gossip is just that…. gossip … I’m going to share.

Now if I like you, we’re good. No worries. Your secret is safe with me.



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