What’s That Smell?

When I was in second grade, my grandmother died.  I remember riding to the funeral in a limo; my first time in such a vehicle. But this limo’s windows weren’t tinted.  I stared out at the North End neighborhood, listening to my mother sobbing near by.

I remember family members saying “I hope you remember her.”  Um, why wouldn’t I?  Hello! Grandma was awesome and loved me and took care of me. Duh.

As an adult, I can see why they would worry. Kids tend to forget stuff. Heck we all do… after a few decades right?

I never forgot her.  In fact, she always wore the same perfume.  They sell it now at Sears and Walgreens. It’s not a very popular brand anymore.  But whenever I come across a bottle (you see, I never seek it out)… I smell it and think of her.

I’ve never bought a bottle.  I used to think, “Well that’s a smell for an older lady. Maybe one day when I’m older, I will wear it.”

And when that days comes, I will buy the perfume.

But last night I had this terrible thought…What if they stop making that perfume? And one day when I actually want to go smell it to think of my grandmother… it’s gone?

That scared the hell out of me. So I vowed to buy it. I have to get my hands on a bottle as soon as possible.  That smell is the one thing that can bring me back. All the great memories.  I’m actually a little disappointed in myself that I didn’t already buy it. But the idea of it never being available to buy or smell ever again? Not okay.  Better add it to my shopping list!

Love (and miss) you Lena!!


3 thoughts on “What’s That Smell?

  1. It is true–they say the olfactory sense is the strongest to stimulate emotions.
    Elizabeth Edwards wrote about it beautifully and painfully after her son died. She would open his drawers to smell and would cry for hours and then she wanted to seal off the room to preserved the smell of him forever. She said pictures were not as evoking as the smell of him and she said it lasted in her house for years.

    Buy the perfume. Buy two and savor the good memories.

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