Writer’s Block

Admittedly, my last post was a huge bummer. But I’ve moved on (For now. Duh, you guys. I’ll rain on my own parade soon enough. Chillax!) and recently read something about happiness positivity blah blah blah … Every night before bed, write down three good things that happened to/for you that day. 

And I thought, that sounds incredibly easy, which is right up my alley AND it couldn’t hurt, right? 

I could use a whole bunch of positivity in my life, and perhaps if I simply ponder about all the good things that happen to me throughout my day, and to choose just three… How will I choose just 3?!

You guys know me. I’m honest. And I can honestly tell you that I can’t even conjur up more than one. Yes, one actual good thing happened to me today. Someone I care about asked me to dinner. It was a nice surprise at the end the day. 

But other than that, nothing. 

The bad stuff, sure. 

It’s six days into June and it was 48 degrees. I don’t live in Alaska. 

It was both rainy and windy. 

I walked three blocks in the cold, windy rain to Au Bon Pain to get their specific Southwest Chicken Salad. 

There were none in the pre-made refrigerated case, but there was a sign that said all salads can be custom made at the counter. 

I got in line behind one woman with three small children crawling all over her. This woman never stopped ordering food. I’m not joking. I waited a long time for having been the second person in line. 

When it was my turn to order, I ordered the Southwest Chicken Salad which is on the menu. And the sign in the refrigerated case said they could make salads at the counter. 

The employee told me they didn’t have anymore. 

I gently referred to the sign in the refrigerated case. 
And the employee told me, “The girl who makes the salads left for the day.” It was 2:00pm. 

I left the Au Bon Pain and walked three blocks back to work in the cold, windy rain.

What about any of that is remotely positive?! 

I know!!

I walked six blocks today, y’all!

Thanks for reading! Isn’t “Block” a weird word the longer you look at it? I wish I could’ve named this blog “Writer’s Cock Block” but it really makes no sense. Can you go follow me on Twitter? That could be the third good thing: more Followers. 


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