So, thinking back on my last post which was a bit intense and probably affected people more than I thought it would… I just wanted to actually toot my horn for a second and talk about all the things I am NOT after kinda having a shitty life with a shitty father, and you know those jokes write themselves right? I tried to ultimately give up once. But I clawed my way back up out of that hole the fucking old-fashioned way…one minute at a time. Coping. Ahh, coping. You don’t truly know what the word MEANS until you are coping yourself. Existing. But honest to God: Still a pretty upstanding member of society, if you don’t mind my saying.  Thank you very much.

  • I do not have an alcohol problem. In fact, I rarely drink alcohol. It doesn’t do anything for me. I don’t drown my sorrow in beer, wine or otherwise.
  • I do not have a pain pill problem.  Nor am I a meth head, a junkie, crackhead, etc. The only drug I use is medical marijuana for menstrual cramps.
  • I’m not a stripper nor a hooker. I’m also not a WHORE, nor the girl who steals her friend’s boyfriend/husband. Sorry, not looking for validation THAT BADLY.  I had a shitty father and childhood but I knew better than to be an easy bitch to get attention.
  • You know what else? Didn’t throw myself at anyone for the sake of being married and not being alone. I also didn’t have a kid, in or out-of-wedlock, so I’m not putting any burden on society or the environment. I’m not on welfare (NOT that there’s anything wrong with that). I have a full-time job and I’ve worked multiple jobs at multiple times during my life to make ends meet!

Hey, I’ll be the first person to discuss why I’m terrible: Ugly. Fat. My skin is like a soft bag of mashed potatoes, just everywhere, so my body is just gross.  And yes, the mental illness. Which I’m managing. Oh and I’m a huge cunt. BUT, c’mon, at least give me credit for “pulling myself up by my bootstraps” or whatever that conservative talking point is, and pass off as a “normal member” of society. So next time you want to come at me, you should think about it for a bit. What could you possible say that I haven’t already thought of? What could you possible insult me with that you aren’t already guilty of?


So yeah, I’m like… ok. Kinda.  I should give myself some credit. Excuse me while I hurt myself patting myself on the back…



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