JMo’s New Favorite “JMunchie”

Some of you may smoke marijuana. And if you do, you may be familiar with getting the munchies! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically this overwhelming feeling of wanting to eat something – usually yummy and bad for you. When I’m in the mood for munchies, I usually go for sweet (like peanut M&M’s) or salty (like Pringles) or meaty (Slim Jim), or maybe all three!!!

But sometimes, your taste buds want something else, but you’re just not sure what…

Well if you are looking for something new, look no further! I stumbled upon this gem at Walmart and now I’m hooked. But it’s a bit unconventional.


Just add water!! Oh and then bake them.

Yes, it’s the Complete Buttermilk Biscuit Mix by Bisquick! Super random I know, but hear me out!

Have you ever wanted something warm and yummy from the oven but NOT a cookie? Do you love bread and carbs like I do? ESPECIALLY buttermilk biscuits?? BUT you are way too lazy (i.e. stoned) to actually put together dozens of ingredients and then wait for them to bake and cool – Then head to your local grocery store (or Walmart, which is where I find these beauts) and pick up one of these packets.

It only costs one dollar. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT – $1.00!! You add 1/2 cup of water, stir and then drop by the spoonful on a lightly greased baking sheet. And in 11 minutes or so, you have a warm, delicious snack – AND can be more delicious if you smear some butter on it.  You will so thank me for this!!

The package sternly reminds you NOT to eat the raw dough. I never even considered eating raw buttermilk biscuit dough until Bisquick told me not to. Then I did. And it’s not bad, BUT not awesome like brownie batter.

Another one of my regular snacks is also weird: Cake ice cream cones. Basically the cones that AREN’T the sugar cones. You know….the bland ones that taste/look like Communion Wafers….? My fave!!

The regular ones have no sugar and are only 20 calories each. OR you can splurge for the Jumbo cones and those are 30 calories each.

And yes, I’m eating these without ice cream in them. Again, I can get a box for these at Christmas Tree Shop for $1.00.

Hey, if you end up making these biscuits, let me know what you think!

And feel free to share what your favorite munchies are,





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