Fall Magic

Could you just
Notice me this once
It would make me feel
Quite honestly, all the feels, unreal

Can you maybe
This one time just
Say hi to me first
Quench my attention thirst

Then, maybe, late one night
Beneath a still moonlight
You’ll think of me, random, while walking
Which will lead to us talking

And just like that
The glance, a terse first hello
That late night stroll
Will bring us together
Hopefully, maybe magically,
This Fall

The Poet

I AM NOT THE POET. And in fact, I actually thought of that title for this blog post and the gentleman who is, in fact, The Poet before I thought about what I just thought about saying:

Thanks for positive feedback to the last few things I tried out when it came to writing. I usually stick to crazed rants (a personal fave) but the Sound post got me some positive feedback I did not expect, so thank you. And the “poetry” which was just a lazy person’s way of throwing couplets out there and seeing what stuck. And when my brain is over-saturated with thoughts and words most of the time, it was nice to boil things down as basic as I could without losing the feeling. I hope I was remotely in the neighborhood of sharing my feelings, as I always am.

Now, on to the actual Poet. And the only reason why I harp on this is BECAUSE I actually got to speak to him, the poet himself, Dan Smith, a couple of months ago on the telephone. It was a complete fluke, honestly. And it was really fucking cool.

For those of you who don’t know (sigh), Daniel Campbell Smith is the lead singer of the band Bastille. They became famous after their song “Pompeii” became a smash hit. At the time, I was not listening to terristerial radio since I was listening mostly to SiriusXM 90s on 9. And guess what? “Pompeii” wasn’t released in 1994, so I hadn’t heard it. Until…

I saw them on Saturday Night Live. It was the night of January 25, 2014. I suppose it was truly the wee hours of Sunday, January 26, 2014 when I first saw Bastille. And yes, they performed “Pompeii.”  Which, if you’ve been paying attention you already know, I had never heard. Nevermind SEE this band.

Now, I’ve NEVER EVER heard this song at this point. I learned later that yes this song was being played on the radio and I somehow missed it. Anyway, look at him. In that sweater. And black chucks. Like, WHO are you? And a song I can chant to? I’m in. And oh, clearly ENGLISH!!!

Also, the hair! Come on. As of late, Dan is sporting a buzz cut, which, ok fine. But big floofy haired Dan is my favorite Dan. fo sho.

30 seconds in I can spot a wonky tooth, which, to this very fucking day, I am smitten with. I don’t know why or hot, but his smile and that fucking tooth is so cute to me. I need more of it in my life tbh.

Alright, I almost went down the rabbit hole there. I promise I won’t go over each second of the song, NOR will I fangirl all over their second song, “Oblivion.”

But, come one. The first time I ever saw them and he drops Oblivion on me? I couldn’t handle it. Still can’t to be honest. And this is why is he is a poet to me.

Are you going to age with grace?
Are you going to age without mistakes?

I mean, Whaaaaa? Casket emoji dead.

Anyway, calling Dan Smith and he picks up!

(To be continued…)