It’s been so long
I forgot what it was like
But then I met you
And I remembered.

I remembered what it was like to
Smile, have fun, be hopeful.
To feel alive.
To love –
Love life itself
Because you were here.

But you left me. You’re gone.
And so are the smiles, the fun, the hope.
Everything that could’ve been
Now will never be.

Alone, I’m left to hope
That after so long
I will forget what it was like
When you were here
And I won’t


Just Once More

How do I do this just one more time?
When it never is just one more time.

“Until next time,” people have said.
Until next time, I instinctively dread.

This one more time will surely end,
They always do, then come again.

Until the next time turns into one more time.
Another time I hold my breath, squeeze the tears and jump.

I promise I’m trying this time.
I’m sure I am failing like all the time.

Failing. Falling. Damned and done.
Seriously though.

How do I do this just one more time?
When it never truly is just one more time.

Same as last time.
Same as next time.

Just one more time.