Sorry, just one more thing…

Anyone out on the interwebz and beyond who claims to be a feminist, a liberal, a progressive, you love gay cakes, #MeToo, #NeverAgain, pussy hats, et cetera

Any of you who joked about, put down, cut down and/or slut-shamed Kim Kardashian West


Hasn’t it been long enough? Ok, she had the blow job thing with Ray J, but who is more famous? Richer? Sexier? She has built her career, her family, into this all encompassing pop culture yet political sphere.

I, unfortunately, have nothing in common with Kim. I wish I did! Her waist is tiny. She has professional hair and make up people. A brand! An equally famous husband, who I think kinda made Kim cool, I feel like she has some cred. Oh, yeah, and she is a multi-year millionaire!!

What else do you want from her? To go to dental school?! Find the cure for HPV or HIV? Whatever. Which one’s worse?

Give it a rest. It’s all I’m asking. She helped, yes helped(!), get that woman out of jail. Regardless of the weird ass, reality TV road that got us all here…

She truly has MADE something of herself.

She made a bad mistake once – on film. Ok maybe more. But c’mon. A lot of us should be thankful the world wide web didn’t exsist when we were in high school/college and most of our “girls on film” momemts sit dormant on 35mm, or 110 or disc(?) collecting dust.

Can’t we all just get along? Look at what we are up against! Give credit where credit is due.

Please. She turned out okay, alright?

Try giving her compliment. Go ahead.

Ok. That’s it. I just needed to do that girl power wonder woman thing!

Truly outrageous,


The End.

All things must come to an end. Not just the good things.

I want to thank EVERYONE who ever read one of my blog posts from beginning to end. I cannot tell you how much I appreciated it. I always wanted to be a writer:  when I was a senior in high school I was convinced I was going to be at the 2000 Sydney Olympics as a journalist.

Needless to say – that never happened. But I still loved to write. So, WordPress gave me a way to do that – and share it with all of you.

Thank you to anyone who Liked my posts or commented. That means so so much.

I guess there is one last thing, where did “xojmo” come from. Well, back when Jennifer Lopez was Jenny from the Block she started to call herself JLo. And my name could easily become JMo. So yeah, I gave MYSELF the nickname. And slowly, I got people to call me that.

It came naturally to sign things xojmo when emailing or twittering. And it stuck. My dream was to trademark it. Oh well.

I really wanted to blog about speaking to Bastille’s Dan Smith on the phone. There was even a moment where I thought I could actually meet him. But nah.

That’s not how my life goes. Nothing is easy. And blogging didn’t get me anywhere. So why start now?

Do me a favor though, before I go… Be nice to people. You never know, you might just be the only nice person they have in their life.

Now, go find some other blog to enjoy.

“This is the end. My only friend – the end.”

xo Jen