It’s been so long
I forgot what it was like
But then I met you
And I remembered.

I remembered what it was like to
Smile, have fun, be hopeful.
To feel alive.
To love –
Love life itself
Because you were here.

But you left me. You’re gone.
And so are the smiles, the fun, the hope.
Everything that could’ve been
Now will never be.

Alone, I’m left to hope
That after so long
I will forget what it was like
When you were here
And I won’t


Fall Magic

Could you just
Notice me this once
It would make me feel
Quite honestly, all the feels, unreal

Can you maybe
This one time just
Say hi to me first
Quench my attention thirst

Then, maybe, late one night
Beneath a still moonlight
You’ll think of me, random, while walking
Which will lead to us talking

And just like that
The glance, a terse first hello
That late night stroll
Will bring us together
Hopefully, maybe magically,
This Fall