Bastille Appreciation Post – #1: All This Bad Blood


Bastille in front of the Green Monster – Fenway Park, Boston, MA

(Sorry. The spacing is completely messed up on this story and I’ve tried to fix it multiple way and times. It just won’t cooperate. I do apologize for the messy look. – jmo)

I know I’ve written about Bastille before and the first time I ever heard them. I won’t go back into that. Please feel free to go read that post.

BUT I really did want to write an appreciate post of their songs because, as a writer I get PISSED when I read or hear things THAT ARE AWESOME AND I DID NOT THINK OF FIRST. And there are so many great lyrics on Bastille’s albums, and I thought I would pull them out, song by song.

The first album I will be doing is All This Bad Blood. This is a special two disc album which was released, I think, around 2012. Anyway, it just goes to show you that Bastille has been around a while. And the other night at their show when I told a couple of guys, “Yeah I’ve seen them a bunch of times!” – they were confused because honestly, they thought Bastille just hit the scene with Marshmellow’s “Happier” last year.


Dan Smith is an angel, and also the lead singer/writer of these wonderful songs. So without any further ado, all the lyrics/words that make me mad that I didn’t think of putting them together first.

Disc 1:

a.) Pompeii

“But if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing changed at all?”

b.) Things We Lost in the Fire

“…ticket stubs and your diaries. I read them all one day, when loneliness came and you were away. Oh, they told me nothing new, but I love to read the words you used.”

c.) Bad Blood

“All this bad blood here, won’t you let it dry? … It’s been cold for years, won’t you let it lie?”

“Oh, I feel overjoyed, when you listen to my words. I see them sinking in. Oh I see them crawling underneath your skin. Words are all we have…”
“These streets are yours, you can keep them. In my mind it’s like you haunt them. And passing through I think I see you, in the shapes of other women.”
“All that you desired, when you were a child was to be old. Now that you are here, suddenly you fear you’ve lost control. Do you like the person you’ve become?”
g.) Icarus
Icarus is flying too close to the sun. And Icarus’ life is only just begun. And this is how it feels to take a fall. Icarus is flying towards an early grave.”
“Are you going to age with grace? Are you going to leave a path to trace?”
i.) Flaws
“You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve. And I have always buried them deep beneath the ground. Dig them up! Let’s finish what we started. Dig them up! So nothing’s left undone.”
“And felled in the night by ones you think you love – They will come for you!”
“But, this is your heart. Can you feel it? … Pumps through your veins. Can you feel it?”
“The birds are mocking me. They call to be heard. The birds are mocking me. They curse my return!”
Disc 2:
j.) Poet
Seriously, literally all the words. I love this song so much. Unreal lyrics. Wow.
“Obsession it takes control,
Obsession it eats me whole.
I can’t say the words out loud,
So in a rhyme I wrote you down.
Now you’ll live through the ages,
I can feel your pulse in the pages.
I have written you down
Now you will live forever
And all the world will read you
And you will live forever
In eyes not yet created
On tongues that are not born
I have written you down
Now you will live forever
Your body lies upon the sheet,
Of paper and words so sweet.
I can’t say the words,
so I wrote you into my verse.
Now you’ll live through the ages,
I can feel your pulse in the pages.”
“It is not enough to be dumbstruck. Can you fill the silence? You must have the words in that head of yours. And oh, oh, can you feel the silence? I can’t take it anymore. Cause it is not enough to be dumbstruck. Can you fill the silence?”
l.) Haunt
“I’ll come back to haunt. Memories will taunt you. And I will try to love you.”
“There’s an albatross around your neck. All the things you’ve said, and the things you’ve done, can you carry it with no regrets? Can you stand the person you’ve become?”


“Oh, you go to sleep on your own and you wake each day with your thoughts. And it scares you being alone. It’s a last resort.”
“Grey and brown, the seventies. The suits you wore, and the ones you loved were so young.”

< div>”I’ll see you in the future when we’re older. And we are full of stories to be told. Cross my heart and hope to die, I’ll see you with your laughter lines.”

“Don’t listen to your friends. See the despair behind their eyes. Don’t listen to your friends. They only care once in a while.”
r.) Skulls

“I don’t want to rest in peace. I’d rather be the ghost that annoys you. I hope I can make you laugh, six feet down when we’re bored of each other.”


For those of you in the know, there are a few other songs on this album that I did not list here. They are essentially covers of other songs. Since Dan did not write those, I did not include them here.
I enjoyed putting this together. I adore this band and their songs. The words on this album in particular are very stirring. I don’t necessarily feel like the songs being released now are that way – but I will get to those as well.
Until next time,

JMo’s New Favorite “JMunchie”

Some of you may smoke marijuana. And if you do, you may be familiar with getting the munchies! If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically this overwhelming feeling of wanting to eat something – usually yummy and bad for you. When I’m in the mood for munchies, I usually go for sweet (like peanut M&M’s) or salty (like Pringles) or meaty (Slim Jim), or maybe all three!!!

But sometimes, your taste buds want something else, but you’re just not sure what…

Well if you are looking for something new, look no further! I stumbled upon this gem at Walmart and now I’m hooked. But it’s a bit unconventional.


Just add water!! Oh and then bake them.

Yes, it’s the Complete Buttermilk Biscuit Mix by Bisquick! Super random I know, but hear me out!

Have you ever wanted something warm and yummy from the oven but NOT a cookie? Do you love bread and carbs like I do? ESPECIALLY buttermilk biscuits?? BUT you are way too lazy (i.e. stoned) to actually put together dozens of ingredients and then wait for them to bake and cool – Then head to your local grocery store (or Walmart, which is where I find these beauts) and pick up one of these packets.

It only costs one dollar. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT – $1.00!! You add 1/2 cup of water, stir and then drop by the spoonful on a lightly greased baking sheet. And in 11 minutes or so, you have a warm, delicious snack – AND can be more delicious if you smear some butter on it.  You will so thank me for this!!

The package sternly reminds you NOT to eat the raw dough. I never even considered eating raw buttermilk biscuit dough until Bisquick told me not to. Then I did. And it’s not bad, BUT not awesome like brownie batter.

Another one of my regular snacks is also weird: Cake ice cream cones. Basically the cones that AREN’T the sugar cones. You know….the bland ones that taste/look like Communion Wafers….? My fave!!

The regular ones have no sugar and are only 20 calories each. OR you can splurge for the Jumbo cones and those are 30 calories each.

And yes, I’m eating these without ice cream in them. Again, I can get a box for these at Christmas Tree Shop for $1.00.

Hey, if you end up making these biscuits, let me know what you think!

And feel free to share what your favorite munchies are,





Fifty First Tinder Dates: III – Brandon Matthew

When Brandon (or Brendan, I don’t fucking know) and I matched on Tinder his profile said he was 31. He liked cooking and smoking weed, of course. He lived in a really shitty part of my state, but I was invited over for a home cooked dinner, so I made the drive down.

Let me reiterate this: I was invited over for dinner. That he was supposedly cooking. I let him know that I was bringing cookies for dessert afterwards (bakery made Oreos)! I was definitely looking forward to it. Finally, a grown up who knows how to cook … for me!

Let’s get right down to it: BM was NOT 31. In fact, as of this moment I cannot remember how old is actually was… but maybe more like 24. I’m not against hanging out with 24 year olds, but why lie? Why lie on Tinder? (Dumbest question ever asked!)

Also, guess what? NO dinner! We ended up ordering pizza and salad. We sat down in the living room to eat, but there was no working television. Which was fine with me, cuz I thought we were use this time to get to know each other.

I learned that BM had a child (um… ok? Weird time to hear about her.) and she neither lived with him nor her mom. Apparently, she lives with his parents. Um.. ok. Again, a weird time to bring this up, but I’m not going to judge. People have a hard time with life (me included) and I’m not going to judge (too harshly) how things shook out. He seemed like an interested father, so I moved on. She is obviously better off with her grandparents.

So, guess where a television did work? In his bedroom! How convenient! I want to stop here and let you all know: While BM and I were corresponding on Tinder and/or text, at no point was there excessive sexting or nudes. It was mostly normal, I think. I mean, you know how guys are though…

I got talked into watching The Martian in his bedroom. I had never seen it. I actually hate watching movies on dates because … well, no one lets me watch them!! At one point, he starts smoking and doesn’t offer me any. I’m ANNOYED beyond belief. First I was supposed to believe he was 31, then I was supposed to believe there would be freshly cooked dinner, and then we were supposed to smoke. But looks like he was smoking without me. I let it go.

We are sitting up on his bed. We have not touched or kissed (I honestly cannot remember if we hugged when we met at the door) the whole time I’ve been there. He turns to me (while I’m trying to watch The Martian, mind you) and says,

“Would you mind if I took it out so I can play with myself while you watched?”



Things after that get blurry because I was blind with rage and a stark reality came over me that I just put myself in a REALLY BAD situation. I allowed myself to be invited into some rando’s house, in his bedroom actually, and now he wants to jerk off in front of me. I’m lucky he didn’t knock me out and take advantage of me in multiple ways.

I got up in a huff. I was shaking. He seemed embarrassed but more annoyed that I didn’t let him. I left, grabbing my fancy Oreos on the way out. Fuck no I’m not leaving those – they were expensive!! He didn’t even cook!

I drove away from his home and that shitty neighborhood, actually crying. I know, y’all are like “Damn, JMo, crying again?” Yes, I was crying AGAIN because I got that Fight or Flight thing you get when your adrenaline is pumping. I knew I was just in a strangers apartment who wanted to do something that I didn’t… and I was lucky enough that he let me leave and it didn’t take a turn for the absolute worst. Which should be a concern of any woman going anywhere with a man she doesn’t know. Regardless if he is 31, 21 or 81. Bitch gotta be super careful out there!

And in case you don’t believe me, that a man I didn’t know asked if he could whip his dick out and start playing with himself… I’ve got receipts. (OF course!)


So, what you are saying is, what you are looking for in a woman is someone who totally likes you surprise masturbating in front of her? Got it!

I gotta say though, for a creep, he wrote decently and it was nice of him to apologize. He sent me that text on his own. I did not text him about the night and I certainly unmatched him on Tinder.


Good for you and your “huge fetish.” Maybe run that by someone via text before actually doing it in real life next time?

Third strike and I’m out? Not quite. Remember this is FIFTY dates from Tinder.

Up next – dates 4 and 5 – two guys with the same name but very different personalities. Also, two very different dates! You have NO idea. We are just getting started!!

Stay tuned to find out more movies I never got to finish,