In a Heartbeat

The moment when
Our eyes met, that one time
At the same time
We quickly smiled, then looked back

I held your hand
You stroked my finger
Not sure you even knew it
But I want you to now
I felt it

That night
I thought you saw me
I thought maybe
You were down
But I never thought it was
The end of it all

We got past
Being strangers
For what?
Just to go back
To the time
Before we met?
What for?

It was too short
But I thought it was the beginning
Of many long nights together
You had my head spinning
Forgot how to drive

How could I have been
So wrong about you?
What is so wrong about me
For you to leave me hanging,

What more could I have done?
All you have to do is tell me
I would do it still

In a heartbeat


“One Summer Night”

I mean…c’mon…young JMo (YoJMo) had it going on!!

Apparently the writing bug took over so ferociously I could not wait for lined paper!

However, penmanship is on point. Obvs.

No date. No clue either.

“And they even were brighter together.”

Daaaaaamn. That was some good stuff. You gotta admit! Interesting placement of ‘even’ even. Thought provoking.



P.S. Hallmark – slip into my DMs – @xojmo

Available to write 2019 Valentine’s Day cards. Thank you. 💝