Fifty First Tinder Dates: II – Bobby Vito

I debated and nearly decided not to write about this date. It was actually a really good date. I wish I could go back and talk to the waitress, Kerry, about it. But I am getting ahead of myself. Let me go back to the beginning…

Let me start with my Tinder profile.


Actual JMo profile on Tinder. Please note: I change it regularly. But this is the one I had when Bobby V was interested in me.

Let me start with the last line:  CLEARLY this is tongue in cheek but also kind of apropos. Dating apps are about meeting strangers. Let’s be honest! And I’ve watched enough Dateline and 48 Hours to know that shit happens. I was just covering my bases by saying “Hey, if you are going to kill me, make it quick. I don’t want to be tortured or strung up etc.”  Just keep this in the back of your mind, okay? (Also, kind of a joke, albeit not a funny one).

So, Bobby Vito is almost ten years OLDER than me. Which is not the norm for JMo. I usually stick to guys younger than me, which you know if you’ve read any of my older posts yet. But this guy seemed interesting, nice body/teeth and has a steady job. AND wanted to take me on a proper date! Color me interested!


CEO? Yeah, CEO of Asshat, Inc.

We moved over to texting because the Tinder app sucks for correspondence. Let’s be honest. And we had wonderful exchanges. He wasn’t creepy or sending dick pics. He seemed like a gentleman, so I was definitely interested.


This was what he said after reading my Profile on Twitter. I’m “refreshing direct.” Keep this in mind.



OMG, you picked me flowers??


“I picked them using my camera” = Too cheap to actually pick you a wildflower


Day of our first Tinder date.

Ok, so yes, we went to Davio’s, an Italian Steakhouse, and kind of expensive. Like I said, he asked me out and let me choose where we went. It was a super hot summer day and most of the restaurant was empty. Our waitress was Kerry. She was super attentive and nice. She saw Bobby Vito and I dining for THREE HOURS and helped us with our meals/beverages the whole step of the way.

Bobby and I had a lot to talk about. One of the things I brought up was my finding out that he worked for the local Archdiocese. This interested me because a) I wasn’t religious anymore and b) if he were, that must mean he is a nice, stand up type of guy. I had to admit that I Googled him before our date, but he didn’t seem bothered. We talked about that stuff for a little bit, but religion didn’t seem to rule his life. So I thought that was cool too. I also kind of thought, hey this might be a sign that I should get closer to God again. (After reading the rest of this post, you will see how much of a poser/phony asshole this guy is. If he believed in Jesus at all, he would be a lot kinder. You’ll see what I mean.)

At one point, BV asked me what I were some things that I was passionate about and/or knew a lot about. His example was his passion of Middle East Asian Textiles, or some horseshit like that. Don’t get me started. He seemed very well rounded and had some odd interests, but it was cool. We chatted some more. I explained to him that I’m passionate about the Disney company, especially the parks and the movies. I spoke to him about Walt and what this world might be like without him. Then I brought up how much I enjoy watching documentaries, especially about true crime and am interested in how evil the human mind can get. Which goes along with my joke about being murdered quickly on my Tinder date. It’s a joke, but not really. There are a lot of weird, crazy people out there!

BV not only spoke fluent Italian (must be helpful at the Vatican *eyeroll*), he knew Latin as well. I have a tattoo across both my feet that says “Dead Men Tell No Tales” in Latin. I don’t usually talk to people about it because they cannot read Latin. But BV could and he asked me about it. I told him that it’s from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Which it is. It’s like super fucking well known.  I also got this tattoo to remind myself that dead writers can no longer write (tell tales), and I like to remind myself of this when I feel suicidal. I’ve fought hard to get where I am in life (even though it sucks) and am proud to continue writing, even if it’s only for a few readers.

We sat there for THREE HOURS (did I mention that?). We had an appetizer, drinks, meals and he ordered TWO desserts for us to share. He also got espresso. He would hold my hand when we weren’t eating or drinking and seemed interested in me and the conversation we were having.

He mentioned how he’s been on bad dates that he wanted to be over after 45 minutes! We lasted for hours. It was nice. I found out that he had another Tinder date that night but I honestly was not worried – mostly because I also had another date that night (he took me to see Toy Story 4!) BUT overall, why worry? We had a great date, BV and I. In fact, look at the text I got shortly after he walked me to my car:


So, this was an “enjoyable date” and I was “candid, smart, funny” and “fascinating.” HE WROTE THIS. After our date. Pay attention because the next day… Shit really changes.


So, didn’t hear from him that night because he was out with some other lady, or so I thought. I never thought he had any problems with me after our three hour date and his immediate text after our date. By almost noon the next day I found it interesting that he hasn’t responded to me yet. Hence, “Interesting…”

So, here begins the reason why I didn’t want to write about this date at all: He said the most disturbing, horrible, terrible things about me to me. And I was flabbergasted. I actually called a friend/ex of mine and was sobbing uncontrollably because I was so offended and worried about what he said. Is this how people perceive me when they meet me?! Is this who I am??!!

You see, the last thing I wanted to do was write about this date and then IGNORE his texts to me the next day. I will post most of it here. And you can decide how you would feel if someone sent this to you the day after a very successful first date (that lasted three hours. Just need to throw that in there again).

I’ve thought about it a lot since then, and I am convinced that he spoke about me to his second date and she just totally spun a ridiculous story about how scary I am. Oh, “scary?” you say? Yes, I said that cuz he said it.

Without further ado:


While talking about my childhood on my date, I had mentioned how I learned some terrible habits from family members, LIKE “I learned how to destroy people emotionally” because that’s how my family treated me. Either keep stuff private, or it will be used against you in the future. At no point did he say to my face, during my date, wow, what you just said makes me scared of you.


I mean, I DO love True Crime. A lot of old ladies my age do. Also, past resentments? Excuse me? I discussed how my husband of 8 months cheated on me with his boss, and then discussed how I didn’t let it affect the rest of my life. I moved on. You would not know this by his text. PLUS, I’ve been divorced a LONG time. Doesn’t mean I have an OCEAN of past resentments.


Bitterness? Predictability? “Dating before I healed?” And of course, the kicker: UNDENIABLE POSSIBILITY THAT YOU ARE PHYSICALLY AND EMOTIONALLY DANGEROUS. ??????????????????????????????????????

Sorry, gotta interject here. I lost my shit when he said that. And no, I’m not leaving out anything from the date that would’ve given him pause. Like I said, he seemed very interested in me and didn’t say any of these things to me during our date or during the hug he GAVE to me after the date at my car. So, this really came out of left field. And like I mentioned, it threw me for a huge loops. NO ONE has ever said anything like this to me. I still cannot come to terms with it. Which is why I want to go back to Davio’s and talk to waitress Kerry and say, “You saw us! He was holding my hand. Bought two deserts when I said I didn’t even want one! He wanted to spend time with me! Did I dream all of this or did this happen?”


WHERE was I threatening? Just wondering.

So yeah, the end.

Back to the Tinder drawing board,

xo scary jmo

P.S. One of the things that bothers me the most? When I am honest with people, and share how I am feeling and they attack me. They don’t take stock in the stuff I am sharing with them and that I am being honest. While I wanted him to slow down and think about the three hours he spent with me, instead he unloaded all this MEAN stuff and I was just shocked. The person he is describing is not me. I am not scary and certainly not a danger to anyone else.