Found My Way

Just when I think,
"I have found my way"
Turnaround and look:
The past's back to stay.

"Go away! Go away!"
Tears squeeze my eyes tight.
"Go away! Go away!
I'm not ready for this fight."

But a fight there is,
More familiar than ever.
And this time I wonder,
'Will my past stay forever?'

With answers unknown,
The future unclear,
I succumbed to the nightmares -
My very worst fear.

I'm out of control!
Locked here in this bubble.
Not sure of the path
To take after this stumble.

But you've helped me to focus,
Gave me tools to move on.
Slowly opened my eyes
As the dark turns to dawn.

There are angels among us.
That much I know.
I can never repay you
For the hope that grows.

And maybe, who knows,
There will come a day
When I'll say it and mean it:
I have finally found my way.

Dedicated to m.s.e.