“One Summer Night”

I mean…c’mon…young JMo (YoJMo) had it going on!!

Apparently the writing bug took over so ferociously I could not wait for lined paper!

However, penmanship is on point. Obvs.

No date. No clue either.

“And they even were brighter together.”

Daaaaaamn. That was some good stuff. You gotta admit! Interesting placement of ‘even’ even. Thought provoking.



P.S. Hallmark – slip into my DMs – @xojmo

Available to write 2019 Valentine’s Day cards. Thank you. 💝

The Year of Living Dangerously…Social

I don’t know about you, but I get a bunch of those daily email deals from Groupon and Living Social and Amazon Local.  There are some I don’t bother ordering from anymore because they were dicks! I won’t even mention them here. But..if you don’t see their name, it was probably them.

I’ve decided to take advantage of those deals this year! Already I’ve signed up for an online course to learn photography with my new digital camera.  Because right now I only know how to zoom in/out and turn the flash on/off.   I’m guessing these new fangled cameras do a lot of cool stuff.  If I learn two things, I’ll be pretty jazzed!

So there’s that! Oh and I also signed up for a class to learn how to fly for free. Oh you KNOW I’ll let you all know how it goes!!

Unrelated to those deals…I picked up a beginners kit on how to knit at Barnes and Noble.  I know how to crochet, kind of. I mean, I never really got past the single stitch but whatever. Now…I must learn how to knit!

I was trying to think up other things  I would like to do/learn this year:

  • Sew – No, I don’t know how to sew. So….shut up.
  • Sky dive
  • Go to Denver. For the…..antiques. Yeah that’s it
  • Read more
  • Watch “Say Anything” for the first time

NO, I’ve never seen “Say Anything.” No, I’m not lying. And no, I’m not kidding you.  In fact, I’ve been watching a lot of movies recently where I’m like, “Hmm, I totally thought I saw this but NONE of this looks familiar….”

Nope. No idea. I guess I need to see it.

Nope. No idea. I guess I need to see it to get it.

So there you have it… this year JMo will be going to Paint Night, and wine tastings and taking online classes to learn origami.  Who knows?! The sky is the limit…..Literally!!!!  Let me know if you see anything funky, ok?

Happy New Year, peeps!


Suddenly, Seymour

My niece and nephew are so cute. They are both at the age where they beg me to come over to their house, even though I totally don’t play with them or do anything fun. Look, I’m old, okay? If I can’t sit on my butt and play Wii or something, then beat it. Luckily the kids love to play video games, so I’m golden. The few times they actually want to play board games, I sigh loudly, but still play with them. I don’t let them win though. I’ve laid the smack down on these kids for a decade. Suck it, Candy Land!

Anyway, my nephew (age 7) read me a book he brought home from school called “Incredible Sharks.”  I love the way he says “sharks.” I cannot describe it. I cannot even say it the same way he does. He pronounces it kind of weird, but it’s the cutest thing. Anyway, I teach both him and his sister that when they sit down to read a book they have to announce the title and then tell me who wrote it. As I explain to them, the author worked really hard at writing this story for us to enjoy and we should acknowledge that.

Incredible Sharks” by Seymour Simon.

Anyway, my nephew will read a sentence or two and then stop to digest what he just read. He’s a terrific reader and pronounces words like “mischief” with no issues. He even pauses after a full stop (period) whereas his older sister just plows through a paragraph like she is trying to win a speed reader contest.

At one point it says something about how sharks lived 100 million years before the dinosaurs. He could NOT wait to tell his mother this fact. And then he read that there are 400 different kinds of sharks. And being the Mr. Math that he is, he says “If the Great White didn’t exist there would only be 399.”  Yes that is correct, sir!

So as I got ready to go, and they were to get ready for bed (my lucky sister and niece were going to hear “Incredible Sharks” for the first time!) they pleaded with me to stay and snuggled up next to me. One on each side. It was really so cute. They clutched on to my arms and laid their legs across my lap. I thought about how lucky I am to have these little kids who look up to their Auntie and love me so much. So lucky and blessed. But I looked at the clock and thought:

“Oh Christ on a Stick. It’s Tuesday and I need to get my ass home to watch ABC’s “The River”. Get the hell off me, kids! There’s magic out there!!”

I gently peeled them off of me, much to their dismay.  When I got home I realized that my DVR has a season’s pass for “The River” (Speaking of, probably the first and only season of The River. Because that’s what ABC does: It cancels shows I really like, such as, but not limited to: Eli Stone, Men in Trees, and Flash Forward) and I felt kinda guilty for high tailing it out of there. But it was late and they needed to wash and brush and get to sleep. School night afterall.

I know that one day those snot nosed kids will rather sit up in their room listening to rock music and texting their friends instead of hanging out with their kooky aunt. So right now, I’m trying to enjoy every minute (except when a TV shows is on that I need to watch!).

I think Dr. Cole was on to something: “There is magic out there.” And you don’t have to look very far to find it.

My favorite shark is the Hammerhead,