I Will NEVER Tire of These Songs. Ever! Part 1

I don’t have satellite radio and sometimes I’m too tired to hook up my iPod to my car stereo, so I’m left with regular FM radio. Which honestly…is okay.  Every once in a while you hit pay dirt and hear a song you absolutely love 150% and you crank the volume up.

Now there are a lot of songs that make me crank the volume up (“Feel like making…..Feel like making love to you!)…But there are only a few that I love with every fiber of my soul and will NEVER EVER get tired of them. Ever. Listen, I love U2 and they have literally been the soundtrack of my life. There are a ton of songs I LOVE LOVE LOVE, but sometimes, eh, don’t feel like listening to Sunday Bloody Sunday. Again. For the 10 millionth time. So you move on.

And then there are some songs that they could play for 24 hours straight and I would love every single second. Want to hear some of my choices? (You don’t really have a choice at this point. What are you going to do? Stop reading? Whatevs!)

The song that came on tonight on my drive home, I will list as my number one song because honestly, I love it so so much:

1. Losing My Religion – R.E.M.

Oh no, I’ve said too much. I haven’t said enough.

I have no idea why. I don’t associate it with a particular time in my life (which I do with many other songs I will list). It just existed one day and I cannot get enough of it. Say what you will….but Michael Stipe is pretty fucking awesome.

Now for the other songs I can think of, in no particular order. Remember: SONGS I’LL NEVER GET SICK OF! Doesn’t mean I hate every other song in life. Thank you!

Let’s throw in two more R.E.M. songs while we’re at it:

  • Nightswimming

These things, they go away. Replaced by everyday.

  • You are the Everything

The stars are the greatest thing you’ve ever seen and they’re there for you. For you are alone and you are the everything.

  • Yellow – Coldplay

The first time I heard the song was when I saw the video. Back when MTV and VH1 actually played videos at some point during the day.  And it was sort of (and may the music Gods forgive me for even saying this) like hearing something different for the first time, like hearing Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) for the first time. It makes you stop in your tracks and go….whoa.

And ‘Yellow’ made me go whoa. And still does today. Came out in 2000 and in January of 2001 I went to visit a friend in London and you can bet that Parachutes was on my iPod which accompanied me around the city. (Funny story: First night in London, in a pub, drinking from a half pint and The Clash’s London Calling comes on. Talk about a freaking moment. It was awesome.)

The guitar at the beginning and then when all the insturments come in….gold. Pure gold.  And then they quiet down:

Look at the stars. Look how they shine for you. And everything you do.

Since I’m in the C’s, let’s get to The Cure shall we:

  • A Letter to Elise

There’s nothing else I can really do…at all.

  • Pictures of You

If only I thought of the right words, I could’ve held on to your heart. If only I thought of the right words, I wouldn’t be breaking apart all my pictures of you.

  • Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths

Haven’t had a dream in a long time. See, the life I’ve had can make a good man bad.

Fun tidbit – Morrissey’s first name is Steven.  Steven Morrissey. I’ll let that sink for a bit.

(If you haven’t noticed, I kind of live in the 90’s)

Okay, honestly, I could go on forever. BUT I want to think these through. The ones I’ve listed above are definites. But I KNOW I am missing some.  Hence why I said Part 1.

I will be back for Part 2 at some  point. Ya’ll better stay tuned. Keep reading!!

Want to chime in with yours?  The only criteria…it’s not just a song you LOVE. But a song you love and could listen for a week straight.